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Facebook Open Graph Tutorial: Integrating the "Like Box".

Tags:  Facebook Open Graph Tutorial How-to Social Plugin Like Box 

This tutorial will show you - step by step - how to add the Facebook "like box" social plugin to your site with simple copy and paste instructions.
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Illustrator Tutorial: Creating a Shine Effect.

Tags:  Illustrator Tutorial How-to Lighting Shine TV 

This tutorial will teach you how to design a shine effect on any surface using Adobe Illustrator. In this example, I will apply my technique to a flat screen TV.
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Illustrator Tutorial: Designing a Glass Effect.

Tags:  Illustrator Tutorial How-to Design Glass Effect 

This tutorial will teach you how to design a high quality glass effect using Adobe Illustrator from scratch. This straightforward and easy tutorial will have you designing your own glass web 2.0 buttons and navigation menus in no time.
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